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Secure your mortgage

The average mortgage adviser doesn’t know how to package Contractor mortgages. Thankfully, we’re not average. Whether you’re looking to move into your First Home, Remortgage, Buy to Let or need Help to Buy, we’ve got you covered and, taking your day rate and contract into account, will find a mortgage that works for you after reviewing what the whole of market has to offer.

Protect yourself

When you work for yourself and don’t benefit from the sick pay a permanent job offers, it’s important to have Income Protection and/or Critical Illness cover. It gives you the peace of mind that, if you become ill, you’ll be able to keep looking after your bills and loved ones until you’re well enough to return to work.

Care for your loved ones

Life Insurance is the best way to ensure your family is protected in the worst case scenario – where you are no longer around. With Relevant Life Insurance you can make your policy tax efficient by moving the cost of your life insurance policy from your pocket to your company expenses & the taxman – saving you money.

Look after your health

When you work for yourself, it’s paramount you can get back on your feet as quickly as possible after being ill. Private Healthcare helps you do just that; no wait times + specialist treatments means you can get yourself in tip-top condition in no time.

Safeguard your business

When you are your business and your business is you, you have to put the necessary things in place to protect it. It’s your income, your security and, likely, it’s what your loved ones depend on. The best way to do so is with Indemnity Insurance; it’ll ensure that everything is in place to stop your business from being vulnerable.

Plan for your future

A Contractor’s life is not an easy one; you work hard to achieve what you do and, it’s precisely because of all that hard work that you’re going to want to protect your wealth and your future. We can help you do this by providing access to expert pension advice and tax planning. Hello retirement!

We've got excellent relationships with the best lenders and insurers for Contractors out there.
Just take a look.

Perhaps the best news of all: we’re not a call centre trying to make a quick buck!

We take our time to understand who you are, and your circumstances, so that we can offer expert advice and you can make the best decision for you.

Get to know you.

Before we do anything, we listen to you. Understand how you work and what you need. It’s the only way to ensure we get the right product to fit your needs.

Find what’s right for you.

Once we’ve built a profile of your needs, we’ll scour the market, speaking with lenders or insurers until we’re absolutely certain that what we recommend properly covers you.

We do all the paperwork.

We’ll take you through the finer points of everything, and once you’re happy, we’ll make all the arrangements to save you time and hassle.

We keep looking after you.

We’ll keep in touch, checking in every year to make sure the product you have is still relevant. However, if your circumstances change, we’ll help you adapt.

We are (of course!) regulated. Which means that you are always protected.

You can find out more about how you and your details are kept safe here and here.

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