Guest Post: Becoming financially free

13th June 2019


Becoming financially free

I’ve always wanted to be free, for as long as I can remember. Free to do what I wanted and not have to be told how to spend my time. It seemed like an unsolvable puzzle when I was young; how would I ever make enough money to not have to go to work? When I started work, I found myself trading my time for money and realised that, if I carried on doing that, by the time I had enough money, I may well have run out of time!


Escape the rat race

So I started a business. That would be my ticket out of the rat race – or so I thought. Before long I was the MD of my own business employing 50 staff but I’d never been less free. I was the first in the office in the morning and the last out in the evening and I was the last to get paid (if there was any money left after all the costs). The business later collapsed, mostly from expanding too quickly, and suddenly it was all gone. I was back to square one and back in a job, working for someone else again. It seemed to me that maybe I wasn’t destined for the freedom I yearned for, for so long.

Then I came across a system that changed all that. A scientific, University-validated, global award-winning model, with clear steps to a new way of using my mind. A way of tapping into more of my mind and my potential; literally, a different part of myself that I’d not tapped into before.


Off-the-chart results

The results were off the chart. I went from being broke to being financially free in no time. And I mean “multi-millionaire, 7-bedroom house, never have to work again” financially free! I found my life partner after searching fruitlessly for nearly 30 years too. I completely reshaped my body to be in the best shape of my life and I went from being a constant worrier to finding absolute peace of mind. I’m delighted to say I now spend my time how I want and I experience real freedom in my life. The best part is that it was all effortless, as it was this other “part” of me that made it all happen. The access to this other part of me? That was through the unconscious.


The unconscious is the “key”

Neuroscience has now proven that the conscious mind is responsible for only 5% of our thinking and that the unconscious is responsible for the other 95%. A study by Yale University has confirmed that we make our major life decisions in the unconscious mind; from voting, to choosing partners and relationships, parenting, careers, financial decisions and even our shopping preferences. For the majority of our time, we are not even in conscious control of our thinking, nor the major decisions in our lives.


University audited results

The model I came across put my hands firmly on the controls of my own unconscious, enabling me to access a part of myself that created all of these amazing results, but it wasn’t just me that got results like this. The University research studies I mentioned earlier tracked 270 people using this model for over 3 years to study the effects on various aspects of their lives. The results were off the chart in every single area. In their finances: personal income went up on average by 264% over 3 years. That’s an 88% increase every year for 3 years. Their satisfaction with life also jumped by 55%. There were 107 businesses who were also tracked, whose turnover increased again, on average, by 360% in the same 3 years. Independent T-tests showed the possibility of this number of businesses ever achieving these results was less than 1 in 1,000. The results were also audited independently by PWC. This model has also won a global education award for benefitting communities and has been responsible for a reduction in murder rates of 47% and burglaries of 39% in the capital city of Belize.



If you’d like to learn more about it and how it can help you create results like this, I’m holding a series of free webinars where you can find out more. Contact me at or on 07538 000417 to register your interest.


All content is accurate at the time of publication

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