The benefits of working with a mortgage and protection adviser

14th November 2018

We get it. Finding the best mortgage or protection for you is not the most exciting thing to do, and lots of us struggle to wrap our heads around it. Let alone the hassle; finding the best deal can be an expensive and time-consuming task and, if you are unsure of what is best for your business and employees, working with an experienced adviser may just be the right option for you.

Advisers are experts in finding the best mortgage and protection for you, at the best price. Read on for more benefits of using an adviser:


1. Frees up your time

First and foremost, using an adviser will take the legwork out of looking for the right insurance and mortgage for either yourself or your business. Advisers will search the market and compare the different deals that are available, finding a provider or lender that is right for you. Them doing all the work means that you have the time to get back to what it really important.


2. You could get a discount

When looking for the best mortgage or protection for you there are two options: going to the provider directly or discussing your options with an adviser. The benefit of working with an adviser is that they are independent and have built relationships with the whole of market. By forming these strong relationships, advisers are able to get special rates that may be lower than going straight to a lender or provider yourself.


3. It’s not as expensive as you think

A common misconception around using an adviser is that it is more expensive than going direct. Advisers are paid commission by the protection provider for selling their product, so you shouldn’t need to pay any additional fees on top of your premium. When it comes to mortgages, you’ll likely pay a fee for an advised service, but this could be negated by the money you could save. An adviser who has searched the whole of market could make you bigger savings in the long run.


4. They know what you’re looking for

Most importantly, advisers work with you. A mortgage and protection adviser will take the time to listen to who you are, your circumstances and lifestyle, before making a recommendation. Whether you are shopping for an unusual insurance product or have been let down by high street retail mortgage providers, due to out of the ordinary situations, an adviser can use their knowledge and experience to recommend a mortgage lender or protection adviser who understands how Contractors work.


5. They are regulated

Mortgage advisers have to be qualified in order to give advice – this means that not only are they experts and know what they are talking about but that you are protected. The FCA are a conduct authority who’s job it is to maintain integrity within financial services. Any reputable mortgage and protection firm will be regulated by the FCA, which means you maintain protected.

To speak to an adviser about what is right for you, get in touch.

All content is accurate at the time of publication

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