Protect your children with your critical illness cover at no extra cost

3rd September 2018


Discussing the illness or death of your child has to be one of the most challenging conversations you could possibly have. However, not having that conversation could mean that, at an already deeply stressful time, you’ve got the added concern of financial strain.

The Mirror recently shared an article titled ‘The awkward conversation that has seen 4 million of us experience financial hardship.’ It is, of course, referring to the conversation around the death of a loved one. Being English, with a culture founded on the ‘stiff upper lip,’ means that ‘death’ is simply not a conversation the majority of us are comfortable having. Especially when it comes to our cherished children. Julia Samuel, author of the bestselling book Grief Works, was able to articulate the challenge of this thinking aptly though when she said,


“The fear of talking about death, both their own, and of those they love, means that people are not receiving the support they most need at the time, and following their bereavement.”


Considering this, we want to gently encourage our clients to consider the implications on their family if one of their children were to become critically ill.

In this tragic circumstance you would, of course, want to be able to stop your contract and give everything you possibly could to your child. However, doing this means you need to be financially prepared for taking time off work, so that financial strain is not an additional concern in what is already an extremely difficult time.

Thankfully, the providers we work with understand that too.

When you take out a critical illness policy, most providers include children’s critical illness cover automatically. This means that if a child of yours became critically ill your provider will pay out a lump sum to help support your family. While there are variations across providers, the common features of children’s critical illness cover you can expect are that:


  • Only one claim can be made per child
  • Having your children covered is not an additional cost but part of your cover
  • The payout can be up to 25% of the main policyholder’s critical illness cover
  • Payouts are given from birth (or from 30 days old) up to age 21


In addition, many providers offer other valuable benefits for times like these:


  • Child Accident Hospitalisation Benefit
  • Child Funeral Benefit
  • Childcare Benefit
  • Family Accommodation Benefit


So, when it comes to securing critical illness for yourself or your partner, do ask your adviser to make sure that the cover automatically includes cover for if your children were to become critically ill, and make sure you understand what the detail of that children’s cover means. As described, there will be a variation between providers as to what illnesses are covered and what benefits are offered.

Of course, we all hope that it will never be needed, but the peace of mind that comes from knowing that that support is there in the most difficult of times, is unparalleled.


All content is accurate at the time of publication

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