Tips for busy Contractors, to take your health into your own hands this summer!

2nd July 2018

 We know a Contractor’s life is a busy one. That’s why we understand the challenge of making time for your health once your contracting hours have been met. After all, you’ve got loved ones to spend time with and, it’s important for you not to forget your own downtime.

Being mindful to consider tips that work for those that are busy, we’ve compiled some actions you can take to take your health into your hands now summer is here and we can’t use miserable weather as an excuse!

Not only are these tips worth considering to help you get and feel healthy but numerous studies show that there is a direct correlation between health and wellbeing and your work performance*. When your income is solely dependent on your own output as a Contractor, there is even more significance then in ensuring your good health – you literally depend on it.


Without further adieu then, here are our tips for busy Contractors, to take your health into your own hands this summer!


Add exercise into your commute

Bearing in mind that you are likely to have a busy schedule, consider how you can add exercise into your already existing routines. Can you get off a tube stop earlier and add 15 minutes of walking into your journey? Can you park the car that little bit further away from your office? If you work from home, is there work you can do while walking? Meetings with your clients as an example or, planning out your work using voicenote on your phone while walking?


Take a walk during your lunch break

Multiple pieces of research have reported the positive impact on concentration, fatigue and performance at work after having taken a walk on their lunch break. Here’s just one (if you don’t want to get into the report, Time magazine summarise it nicely here). If increased performance wasn’t reason enough in itself, in addition, you’ll benefit mentally from the break in screen time as well as physically by getting your body moving.


Get the family involved

With little time on your hands and family and friends to see in the free time you do have, why not incorporate exercise into your time together? Head to the local park with the children on the weekend and kick a ball around. Dust off the bikes from the garden shed and head out into the countryside. Even a good old game of frisbee will get the heart racing and we can guarantee you’ll feel better for it than a marathon session in front of the TV!


Find what works

Lots of people struggle with exercise simply because they haven’t found what works. Why not make the time for yourself to explore a number of different activities on offer in your local area. You could get your partner or friends involved too if rocking up to a new class sounds a little daunting. From squash to jogging, swimming to zumba, archery to ultimate frisbee – give yourself a chance to find what works for you.


Try Park Run

If you haven’t heard of Park Run, where have you been?! It’s an amazing worldwide initiative, inviting all members of the public, whatever their level of fitness, to take part in a 5k jaunt on Saturday mornings. You can find your local park run here and you can guarantee that this is a safe and intimidating environment in which to just get moving. Not only is it free but there is undeniably something encouraging about running/jogging/walking alongside hundreds of others – and it’s a great way to start the weekend!


Give HIIT a go

HIIT stands for ‘high intensity interval training.’ This sounds scary, but if time is a challenge for you then HIIT is a great option. In 15 minutes of HIIT you can get your heart rate really going, burn a good amount of calories, boost your metabolism and more! You can do this from the comfort of your own home and with no equipment, while being 100% confident that you’ve given yourself an excellent work out. Just explore HIIT on youtube to find a workout and get going.


Try meditation and mindfulness

Health and wellness isn’t simply about steps, heart rates and calorie burning. We’re sure you’re aware of the huge movement promoting mindfulness and meditation? There’s good reason for it! In this article, Forbes share the 6 scientifically proven benefits of mindfulness; including improved cognition and the prevention of depression. If you aren’t familiar with mindfulness, this app is a great place to start but, even more simply, set an alarm on your phone for one moment in your working day and when it goes off, take a couple of minutes to focus on the moment. Become “more aware of the world around you: switching off the auto-pilot, noticing and watching your thoughts and feelings, waking up to the physical sensations of things.” We’re confident you’ll understand the hype once you’ve given it a go.



Here at Broadbench, we’re proud to say that we work with insurance providers who take health tips like these seriously. With certain providers you are in fact rewarded for taking steps (literally!) towards greater health – they’ll even reduce the cost of your policy in certain circumstances.

It’s not just a gimmick either. Taking your health seriously not only means a positive impact on your contracting life, but it means that you are less likely to make a claim for a critical illness, as you’ve mitigated the causes that might have you got there. A win for not only you and your health, but for insurance providers too.

If you aren’t covered, take this sunny opportunity to give your health and wellness a kick start and talk to an adviser about the best ways to both get yourself covered for the worst case scenarios and rewarded for avoiding them at all costs!

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